Are “German” Products preferable in the Market of BiH?

germanBosnian chain of shopping malls of consumer goods started a marketing campaign a few years ago, where they did not state the brand of products, but descriptive name of goods was cited in accordance with consumer clientele.

“German detergent”, without detailed description whether it is a detergent for laundry, dishes, or washing the car engine compartment. It is the main product that attracts broad consumer masses with a symbolic price. Next to the detergent were “German Subrina”, “German liquid vim” and “German detergent for the bathroom”, all described so that only the label “German”, explained that the product has quality guaranteed.

The fact that trust in German quality strengthened  and ultimately produced the unconditional trust are former administrative links with those countries and local population that went to work temporarily in the territory of Germany. Work ethics and discipline of these countries are much admired in the Balkans.

And roads in BiH are witness of domination of German products. More than 50% of vehicles on local roads are German products.

Right after the German car industry, which has the character of a cult in domestic market, there is one food product with a clear German prefix, the “German Nutella”.

This special Nutella for German (EU) market is, according to many, superior to that which is sold in the Balkans through official channels.

“There is a big difference between the German, real Nutella, and this one on our market. They are producing products of lower quality, because we belong to the market of Southeast Europe,” said a salesman from Sarajevo.

Probably because of the lower standard and less competition in the market there is classification of the quality of products that are intended for placement on the market of BiH.

Our market belongs to the category of lower standard where you can place quality that meets the form, and it is easy to argue that German products are good, better, and even superior to products from other countries.


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