Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina has successfully implemented all Activities



The Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina has successfully implemented all activities and orders of  Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with special emphasis on their support for the civilian population facing the coronavirus pandemic.

“Most importantly, we have no positive cases of coronavirus among soldiers. Currently, there are 159 people in isolation, but unfortunately, there are 14 cases of coronavirus-positive individuals among the families of our members,” said Bosnian Defense Minister Sifet Podzic in an interview with Fena news agency.

He added that the Armed Forces have also carried out an order from the BiH Presidency, and set up tents at 10 locations at border crossings, and deployed troops to provide security measures.

Podzic added that throughout the mission, they are at the service and assistance of the civilian population, and that so far, they have distributed about 880 beds, tents, and containers.

“We have plans in place for 12 more complex situations and we are working on it. It is now of paramount importance for us to maintain the operability of the BiH Armed Forces. Life in the barracks is very risky and dangerous in situations like the coronavirus pandemic. We have taken all precautions,” Podzic said.

He also emphasized that they maintain daily contact with soldiers who are on military missions in the world and that everyone is alive and well, including the cadets still in training in Germany and Turkey.

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