The Association formed a Team which is fighting Corruption in BH Football

In accordance with the decision of the Executive Board of the Football Association (FA) of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), yesterday an anti-corruption team was formed in Sarajevo in the premises of the Association, which held a constitutive session.

“The Rules of Procedure of the anti-corruption team have been adopted at this session, which will take all measures within the scope of its competence in the following period, with the aim of preventing manipulation of the match results, as well as prevention against corruptive activities. The team will take all the activities that are foreseen by the prescribed Rules of Procedure in order to enable the transparency of football organizations, “ it was announced by FABiH.

According to the plan of further activities, the anti-corruption team will actively cooperate with the same bodies which are operating in the associations under the protection of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA).

At the end, a proposal was adopted for this team to join the drafting of anti-corruption strategy in BH football.

All named members of the anti-corruption team were present at yesterday’s session.


(Source:; Photo: N/FSBiH)

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