Pink Shirt Day marked in Sarajevo, sending a Message that Violence needs to be prevented

Violence can be recognized in many ways, and it is important to react when a child changes its attitude on important issues and starts to behave differently, was stated as a message during the event organized on the International Day of prevention of Peer Violence on Wednesday in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) capital Sarajevo, Xinhua reports.

On the main square in Sarajevo city centre, the event gathered several hundred residents, where they were informed about how to recognize the peer violence, and how to prevent it, through conversation and quality time spending with child who suffered some form of violence.

The statistics presented by the Nongovernmental Organization “World Vision” point out that one third of respondents said they were victims of some type of abuse, including peer violence, but only a small number of them reported, World Vision Communication Coordinator Nejra Baltes said, adding that peer violence is present in BiH, but authorities, as well as ordinary people, do not pay enough attention to it.

Visitors at the main square had the opportunity to see the numerous paintings by children who presented the public what violence means to them and how they perceive it, majority of them sending very powerful message.

For the end, children sent a message that all should help persons, especially children, who are getting bullied or harassed, approach them, and not let them think they are alone in the world.

Bullying doesn’t stop in school, though, it extends out into the world outside of school, even into the virtual world of the internet and it’s merely the exertion of power over those who are weaker or stand out as unusual. Pink Shirt Day is a day dedicated to breaking the cycle that creates this damaging behavior in schools.

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