Association of High School students of BiH is realizing the project ‘Friends without Borders’

prijateljiAssociation of High School students of BIH is realizing project ‘Friends without borders’ which is financed by the US Embassy to BiH and which consists of several stages, reports Fena.

The first stage is the education in Sarajevo, which will be held from 31 May to 2 June, and during that time students will learn about the team work, which will be of great help to them during later stages to organise workshops for other participants.

The next stage is one of the main parts of the project of student exchange, and seven students from each town will travel to another town where they’ll spend a night with the host family of the other student.

The exchange will be held between Srebrenik and Brčko, Bihać and Banja Luka, Mostar and Visoko, Sarajevo and East Sarajevo and Goražde, Bijeljina and Cazin.

After the exchange the final event of Sarajevo will take place, which will show the level of students’ knowledge and the manner of applying that knowledge in their continuation of work in NGO sector and life, said the Association of High School students.

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