The Bosniak Community in Dubrovnik, a Good Example of Organization in the Diaspora

salkicToday in Dubrovnik the Vice-president of the Republic of Srpska, Ramiz Salkić, met the representatives of the Bosniak National Minority Council andthe Dubrovnik-Neretva County, and also with the management of the Islamic Community of Dubrovnik.

There are more than 4.000 Bosniaks living in this area who integrated successfully into Croatian society.

The hosts informed the Vice-president Salkić about the fact that the members of the Bosniak community from Dubrovnik maintain a strong relationship with Bosnia & Herzegovina and the returnee communities of their origin: in Trebinje, Nevesinje, Gacko…

“The Bosniak community in Dubrovnik is one of the brightest examples of Bosniak’s organization in the diaspora. During the last couple of years, their activities have demonstrated the numerous possibilities of proactive cooperation with Bosniaks in the homeland, expressing a high level of responsibility and patriotism, a remarkable sense of their origin and an understanding of the current situation in the country. In these circumstances they have found the way to help Bosnia & Herzegovina and Bosniak returnees”, said Salkić.

“During today’s talks, I invited them to engage more actively in a social life in the places they had been expelled from at the beginning of the war in B&H, to renew their identity documents and equally take part in the electoral process”, as announced from the Cabinet of the Entity president.

“Also, I presented them with the possibility to participate in the economic recovery of returnee communities through investment and business projects realization”, Salkić said after the meeting.

Representatives of Islamic Community in Dubrovnik informed Salkić that there are also preparations underway for the construction of a mosque.


(Source: novovrijeme/ photo klix)

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