The Annual Amount of Money Needed for National Museum Bills is 1.4 Million BAM?

muzej (1)The Project Coordinator of the Association ‘Akcija’ Sarajevo, Ines Tanović, said for Fena today that they received more than 350 applications for participation in the part of the citizens’ activity “I am Museum” called “I am Museum Guardian”.

In that way the public figures, cultural and sports professionals, academics and students sympathize with the workers of the National Museum of B&H.

Every registered citizen is going to send a message of urgency for resolving the situation which the National Museum is currently facing and to call the responsible ones to stop “ignoring the disastrous situation of the workers of the National Museum”.

“The annual amount of money needed for the bills and the workers’ salaries is 1.400.000 BAM”, Tanović pointed out.

She also invited the other citizens interested in being a “museum guard” to submit an application on the email address: jasammuzej@gmail.com, which can be done by October the 4th.

On duty duration is from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., where about 10 people change -come to replace each other throughout the day. They will have an opportunity to see how one day of the National Museum worker looks like and to visit the museum collections and the exhibition “Museum guards”.

Those who are the part of this activity will sign on the symbolic panel “On duty”, and sign the guestbook that will permanently remain a property of the National Museum of B&H.

The Association ‘Akcija’ Sarajevo is the organizer of the civil activity “I am Museum”.


(Source: klix)

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