Banja Luka: Implementation of Project “Start Your Own Business” Began

POSLOVNI LJUDIThe city development agency Banja Luka, in cooperation with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) began the implementation of the project “Start Your Own Business”. According to the agency, 20 participants that meet the basic criteria for the project will go through several training models in order to gain the knowledge necessary on marketing, instruments of marketing, ways and techniques of entering fairs, and of exhibiting and promoting their products and services in local and foreign markets.

According to the website of the city, the realization of the project began with a training where several topics will be discussed: development of new companies through a process of ideas to business, preparing business plans, registration of small companies, connecting legal procedures and costs, marketing development plan and product design and packaging.

During the project, participants will be able to develop a network of contacts with successful entrepreneurs and access to all relevant information for successful launching of a business, with the goal of putting good business plans into practice.

Besides the training, candidates will have the chance to participate in a competition for the best business plan, where they could win cash prizes.


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