Bazdarevic: These Matches are to be played once in a Lifetime

bazdarevicHead coach of the national team of B&H Mehmed Bazdarevic addressed the media yesterday in the training center before the first training of our B&H national team players together, where he talked about the expectations and the condition of the team before the match with the national team of Ireland.

The coach said that he is not interested for the speculations about playing of Longa and that he will wait a few more days to see the final list of players that will arrive in B&H.

“First of all, there is a lot of speculations, but it is up to us to get ready and to play, with Long or without him. We’ll wait day or two to see which team Ireland will start with, and the most important is that we prepare what is ours” said Bazdarevic, adding: “We studied them to the smallest details, and here will play the heart, desire and the form. I hope that with our audience that shared good and bad with us, we will have the arguments to make something good in this match.”

Coach Bazdarevic will have the majority of players, and during the day Besic and Spahic are expected to arrive. Besides Anicic, Krunic and Zec no one will be absent from the meeting in Zenica.


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