The Beauty of Livno Wild Horses will leave you breathless

The traffic between the villages Zagoricani and Potocani, a few kilometers from the center of Livno, on the part of the M-16 highway between Kupres and Livno, can often be interrupted even in the summer period.

The reason for this are not traffic accidents, works on the road, or something similar but Livno wild horses that are staying close to the main road or crossing from one part of grassy areas to another.

Livno wild horses love to gather between the settlement Potocani and Zagoricani, in the eastern part of the municipality of Livno, at about 920 meters above the sea level, because there is Vrbovnik spring nearby.

There are several groups of about fifty horses at about 140 square meters large section where Livno wild horses live, on a hill called Kruzi in the area of Koricin to Borova Glava.

It is interesting that they were not wild horses before. They were ordinary, tame horses that people kept in the villages of Potocani, Zagoricani, Begovaca, or the edge villages of the Municipality of Livno. They used them for work and transport.

However, with the arrival of mechanization 40 or 50 years ago, horses became too big expense to their owners. At first, in the summer period, they used to let them go in the mountains and to take them back in the winter time. However, they were still a great expense to their owners so they left them in the mountains.

That is how we came to the current state in these 45 to 50 years. Therefore, Livno wild horses are the offspring of the original tamed horses, and there are different breeds, from Posavinians to Arabian horses and Bosnian horses.

Now there is no pure breed because of crossing, but they are quite resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and all possible illnesses.




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