“Bekto Precisa“ Company will produce 200.000 Packaging Caps for free for “Dita“

bekto precisa ditaA company “Bekto Precisa“ from Gorazde will produce for free 200.000 packaging caps in its facilities for “Dita“ from Tuzla, and thus concretely support the production in this Tuzla company.

Management of the company Bekto Precisa found the best way of the support, for which they believe that will help not only to Dita but the complete domestic economy as well.

Dita has been our partner for years and we always had a good cooperation thus we were extremely happy when we heard the news about re-launching of the production. Besides that, our company is a member of the association “Buy and use domestic products“ and part of the campaign “Let’s turn the light in B&H“. Appreciating the importance of the domestic production because of greater economic stability of the country, company Bekto Precisa decided to help Dita in this way“, said Amir Coralic, technical director of the company Bekto Precisa.

Previously, after the news of re-launching of the production in Dita, Coralic talked with the leaders of Dita and agreed the way of help.


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