The Best Food in Europe is in Italy: In which Place is BiH?

foodBusiness Week has published an interesting list that has rated the food and drinks in all European countries.

Among 48 European countries, in the first place is Italy, and at last Vatican that has only one restaurant, as reported by BW. The priority in the evaluation had autochthonous cuisine and variety of food and drinks of every country.

Of the countries in the region, the best placed is Croatia on the 7th place, Slovenia on 32nd, Serbia on 30th and Montenegro on 46th place.

BiH occupies the 21st place.

“Besides the fact that this country has the funniest name in Europe, BiH also has the bravest cup of coffee on the continent and the entire social culture around it.

Bosnian coffee in a cup is similar to the Turkish coffee, it is thick and rich taste. Going out to a cup of coffee can last for hours. For such a unique way of socializing, BiH will receive points. And itwill lose them on the well roast lamb, lamb and roast beef, cheese pies (cheese filled pie) and baqlava, because their cuisine is perhaps most similar to Turkey,” as reported by BW.

Take a look at the full list HERE.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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