Better Conditions for Accommodation and Work with Children

The Day Care Center for Children that performs street work will soon move into the building for the Canton Sarajevo Ministry for Labor, Social Affairs and Displaced Persons in Pofalići. The Coordinator for the Center Kanita Kulić said that the principle of working with children stays the same, but that it would have more space for creative and educational workshops.

“For now, children have only meals that they get themselves, because we are at the stage of moving so quickly that we currently have nowhere to stay. The seven new spaces for us are much better and bigger. We will not pay rent, and we could receive more children. We will have a variety of workshops, an IT room equipped with computers, a kitchen and offices for volunteer centers at our disposal’’, said Kulić.

Regardless of the move to the new center, the work of the Day Care Center will continue to be financed by foreign donors.

“The Norwegian Organization ‘Save the Children’ continues to finance us, and it will be like this until the end of March. Afterwards, the Cantonal Center for Social Work, more specifically the Resource Ministry will finance us’’, added Kulić.

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