B&H among the Countries with the largest Increase in the number of Tourists

B&H Tourists Increase novovrijeme.baBosnia and Herzegovina is on the sixth position on the list of world countries where a significant increase in the number of tourists is recorded.

According to the United Nations World Trade Organization, 28.2 percent more tourists visited B&H during 2015 than during 2014.

The biggest increase in the number of tourists in recorded in Paraguay – 97 percent in the first three quarters of 2015. Tajikistan is also on the list with 94 percent more tourists, as well as Japan with 47.5 percent.

Some countries of the world do not have such a positive year behind. The list of losers is led by Tuvalu, a Polynesian island nation in the Pacific, followed by San Marino, Tunisia, Palestine and Micronesia. What is interesting is that Luxembourg was also visited by significantly less tourists (16.9 percent).

France remained the most visited country of the world, visited by 83.8 million people in 2014. Although the data for 2015 are not yet collected completely, projections say that the increase by three percent is recorded, thus the total number of tourists in that country should amount to 86.3 million.

United States of America are second on the list of most visited countries with around 77.9 million visits in 2015. Following are Spain, China and Italy. Among the first ten countries are Turkey, Germany, Great Britain, Mexico and Russia.


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