BH Artist Dzeko Hodzic: I am trying to point out the Greed in our Society through my Works

The exhibition of works by BH artist Dzeko Hodzic will be officially opened in the City Hall in Sarajevo on December 8, at 6:30 PM. Besides his work “Apocalypse I”, which was presented in the Historical Museum of BiH last year, the “Apocalypse II” will be exhibited for the first time as well as installation “From Alexandria to the City Hall” and his book of essays “the Apocalypse in works of Dzeko Hodzic”.

“Apocalypse I and II are carrying a message of peace, but also the warning that God did not create a man to live in the war, to destroy, burn and rape, but God created a man to live in love, to enjoy the fruits of his work as well as family and social fruits, and to live in prosperity. However, the world has turned upside down, especially that ‘consumer mentality’ that is leading the world, the large corporations and strong countries, and we, artists, are here to warn, maybe we cannot change the world, but we can point out problems in our society,” stated Hodzic.

The specificity in the work of this artist is that he exhibits his works on huge, five meters tall, canvases. He says that although we live in a fast world, the digital age, there is still some place for artists under the same “sky”. He believes that every individualist can survive and has his own audience if he knows how to use and direct his own talent.

He found the inspiration for his works in apocalypse and suffering. He says that God created a man to live in love and prosperity, but people today are not engaged in the field of life, but in the war.

The “Apocalypse I” was created in the 1980’s when the collapse of Yugoslavia started. The motive were events that took place in BiH, the suffering of one people, a region and a country… On the other side, ‘Apocalypse II’ speaks about planetary suffering, the suffering of the whole universe.

The artist stated that the audience understands his works and that reactions are positive, regardless of the fact that the main topic is apocalypse, human suffering, blood, evil… He also added that people understand his works and have not lost their sense of art. He believes that every man should listen to the laws of nature and resist things that are dominating in our world today.

The artist will also present the installation “From Alexandria to the City Hall” at the exhibition, which tells the story about the books in libraries that were destroyed, starting from the library in Alexandria to the City Hall in Sarajevo.

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