B&H Company EKOPAK Became the 32nd Member of PRO EUROPE

ekopakThe nonprofit company EKOPAK, established by B&H businesspeople became today the official member of PRO EUROPE, the European umbrella organization of system operators.

The contract that made membership official was signed today in Sarajevo by the Director of PRO EUROPE Ursula Denison and Director of EKOPAK Amela Hrbat. With the membership in PRO EUROPE, EKOPAK will enable its customers to use the symbol of “Green sign” on the packaging. The green sign is internationally recognized and protected sign that means the fee for packaging waste is paid, defined by the EU Directive 94/62 on packaging waste and in accordance with the relevant local legislation.

EKOPAK is the first licensed operator system and last year received permission from the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

This is important for citizens, because when they see the green sign on the products they buy, it means they are buying products from a socially responsible company that pays the fee for disposal of its packaging to the authorized system operator, which operates according to the principles required by PRO EUROPE. 

(Source: Fena)

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