BH Company Prevent to produce Car Upholstery for new Models of BMW

The Prevent Group in BiH signed a new contract with their costumer BMW AG, and thus ensured the continuation of successful cooperation with this famous premium manufacturer of vehicles. This is a new contract in the segment of car upholstery for the first installation of seats of BMW (series 1 and 3).

“It is our pleasure to receive an official confirmation of the start of the production of car upholstery for the new models of Series 1 and 3 after a demanding process of negotiations, as well as the announcement of additional quantities on already existing contracts with BMW AG. The continuation of cooperation with this customer will further strengthen the position of Prevent Group as the leading supplier of car upholstery in Europe, and it also represents a confirmation of the quality, reliability and long experience in car industry,” said Muhamed Vrabac, the director of Trim division of Prevent Group in BiH.

He added that the aforementioned continuation of cooperation and the increase of production on existing contracts will considerably contribute to the creation of new and keeping the existing workplaces.

Prevent Group is a business partner of BMW AG in the segments of the car structures for upholstery for many years, and it also produces lever for handbrake and other plastic and leather components for the interior of the vehicle since 2012. In this way, more than 1 million BMW AG vehicles are supplied with the original components manufactured in the production plants of Prevent on an annual basis.

With the recent acquisition of the largest foundry in Europe, Prevent continued with the strengthening of its own production portfolio and expansion of its market position in the car industry.






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