Presidency of BiH unanimously confirmed BiH’s Key Priorities

The Presidency of BiH adopted the Strategy of the Foreign Policy of BiH for the period 2018-2023 in mid-March this year. This strategy provides guidelines for foreign policy on the basis of changes on global, regional and local level.

The strategy should determine a broad framework and guidelines for the work of relevant institutions of BiH in the domain of foreign policy. In order for the implementation of the strategy to be on a satisfactory level, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH has to prepare a proposal of the action plan for the implementation of the Strategy with detailed goals and priorities every two years, which will be adopted by the Presidency of BiH, according to its constitutional competencies.

The pillars of the foreign policy of BiH are following: security and stability, economic prosperity, the protection of interests of citizens of BiH abroad and international legal cooperation and promotion of BiH in the world. These are based on the global, regional and local changes, the analysis of the current position of BiH in Europe and the world, as well as on political consensus on the future of BiH in international relations.

Full membership in the European Union is one of the main strategic goals of our country. BiH, as a signatory of the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) with the European Union and as a country that submitted a request for membership in the EU and responded to the European Commission’s Questionnaire, is striving to obtain candidate status as soon as possible.

The continuation of activities in relation to NATO still represents the priority of BH institutions. Priority activities will be directed towards the activation and implementation of the MAP. The activation of the MAP, for which there is a broad political consensus in BiH, will enable all subjects of defencs in BiH (within their constitutional and legislative competencies) to continue with activities in relation to NATO, which were determined by the Law on Defense of BiH. Moreover, BiH will further strengthen its institutions and its efficiency in the field of defense and security with the activation of the MAP, and that will further affirm BiH as a safe and desirable destination for foreign investments.

(Source: Er. M./Klix.ba)






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