B&H Deputy Minister of Defense: B&H is Committed to Continuing Participation in Afghanistan Missions

oruzane_snage_bih_Deputy Minister of Defense of B&H Marina Pendeš said that B&H is committed to continue participation in the new mission in Afghanistan after 2014.

During a visit of the delegation of the Armed Forces of Greece, she stressed the importance of activities undertaken to meet the requirements for obtaining an Action Plan for membership (MAP) to NATO.

Chief of General Staff General Kostarakos MIhail led the delegation from Greece, and Pendeš thanked them for the help and support to the B&H Armed Forces and contribution in training the officers at military schools in Greece.

General Kostarakos spoke to Pendeš about the aim of the visit and topics of discussion between the armed forces of both countries, announced the B&H Ministry of Defense.

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