B&H Exported Gold Worth 30 Million KM

otkup-zlata-u-beograduIn the last three years, the export of gold from B&H increased by almost ten times, which is best shown by the fact that in eight months the value of the export of gold amounted to 30 million KM, and in 2010 it was 3,6 million KM.

Articles of jewelry are mostly exported to Turkey, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Croatia. The purchase price of gold goes from 15-60 KM per gram. The cheapest is 15 KM of 8 karats, while a gram of 24 carat gold can be bought at 60 KM.

When it comes to the export of gold, in eight months of this year gold and other articles of jewelry arrived to B&H worth four million KM. The Indirect Taxation Authority said that gold is mostly imported from Italy, Slovenia, Turkey and Austria.


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