BH Fanaticos in the far Cyprus paid Tribute to the killed Miners in Kakanj

BHF Paid Tribute to the Killed Miners klix.baThe football national team of B&H was supported by nearly 500 fans last night in Nicosia, and those most loyal who are following the BH national team around the world paid tribute last night to the four killed miners in Kakanj.

In somehow smaller number, but whole-heartedly, the BH Fanaticos cheered last night for the football national team of B&H which defeated the team of Cyprus with a result of 3:2 and qualified for the barrage for European Championships which is to be played in France.

Thousands of miles away from Kakanj, the fans at the GSP stadium in a symbolic way presented the symbols honoring four miners who were killed on Tuesday around 1 a.m. in an accident in the mine Begici-Bistani, after the collapse of material at the depth of 105 meters.

Miners who were killed in the accident are Muhamed Sarac (47), Nermin Musija (38), Mijo Stojicic (39), and Sejad Gadjun (44), while two miners Haris Musija (43) and Dzemal Ibrahimspahic (35) suffered physical injuries that were not life-threatening.


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