BH Physiotherapist sells Djokovic’s Jerseys to save the Boy’s Eye

The famous physiotherapist from Banja Luka, Boris – Vrle Vrhovac put on the auction jerseys of tennis player Novak Djokovic, basketball player Bogdan Bogdanovic and footballer Nemanja Matic, and this money will be paid to help the 11-year-old boy F.M. from Banja Luka, who urgently needs an eye surgery.

“This operation costs 4.500 euros. The boy was injured in an explosion of a firecracker in a plastic bottle , whose part hit him in the eye, “ reports Blic.

Former BH football player Vladan Grujic, brothers Igor and Aleksandar Vrhovac, as well as other coaches from the Youth Football Club (YFC) “Spartak 2013” are part of this action.

The starting price of T-shirt in which Djokovic won the US Open 2014 is 300 euros, while representative jerseys of Bogdanovic from Eurobasket 2013 and Nemanja Matic from the previous World Cup qualifications in Russia for 200 euros.


(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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