BH Presidency Member Dragan Covic met with the Nuncio to BiH Luigi Pezzuto

The member of the Presidency of BiH Dragan Covic met with the Nuncio to BiH, Luigi Pezzuto. The main topics discussed on their meeting were current political situation in BiH and relations between the Holy See and BiH.

Covic emphasized that the current priority is the change of the Election Law, in accordance with decisions of the Constitutional Court and the Court of Human Rights, in order to enable all citizens to choose their legitimate representatives at all levels of government, as well as to protect the equality and equal rights of all citizens of BiH in that way, as announced from the Presidency of BiH.

They also discussed demographic processes of Croat Catholics in BiH after the end of the war in 1996 until today, as well as about demographic changes in general.

They agreed that a strong emphasis must be placed on the care for those who stayed in BiH and prevention of their emigration.

Mons. Pezzuto expressed the support of the Holy See to BiH and better understanding amongst all people in BiH once again.

Military bishop Tomo Vuksic also attended the meeting.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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