Conference on Steps to a Better Future for Roma in BiH

The educational and promotional conference “Small Steps for a Better Future” was held today in Sarajevo under the organization of Care International and in cooperation with the Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees of BiH and the Roma organization Rom from Tuzla.

The conference represents the final activity of the project “Support in Implementation of National Action Plans for Roma”, which in the last two years was realized in BiH with the financial assistance of the European Commission.

The project manager for Care International Ševko Bajić said that participants, around 50 of them, among which are representative of the Center for Social Work and Roma non-profit organizations, spoke of the law on the freedom of information, project management, building a recognizable image and reporting to donors.

Results of the project and some of the steps for a concrete resolution to the problems that Roma in BiH face were presented at the conference.

“Through the project we managed to employ six Roma people in the position of coordinator for Roma and to promote the idea of Roma employment. We have divided the eight small grants worth 40.000 KM, and were able to mobilize municipalities to provide funds, so that in the end eight neighborhoods received roads and lighting’’, said Ševko Bajić for Fena.

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