Play ‘Ja i Ti’ in Tuzla

On 30 March, citizens of Tuzla will have the opportunity to see yet another play of TKT Fest in Theatre ‘Kabare’ at 7.30 p.m.

The play ‘Ja i Ti’ is produced by Bitef Theatre and the authors of the play are Branka Stojković and Olivera Viktorović, who also play the leading parts of the play, and it is directed by Mirjana Karanović.

The play talks about two sister, one child star and another star in her adult years; rivalry, envy, love, revenge, fear, disaster intertwine the entire the time. The older one becomes disabled and then becomes fully dependent on the younger one, who hates that the fact that the older one is still very popular. The play talks about two sisters who cannot stand each other, but who cannot live without each other.


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