City hall in Brčko will be opened this week for all visitors

City hall will be opened this week for all citizens of Brčko District B&H. All visitors will be able to come to the city town hall on Thursday from 15:45 p.m. till 16:15 p.m. The Mayor of Brčko District Anto Domić said earlier that the City hall is one of the most valuable cultural and historical facilities in Brčko and that now citizens will have the opportunity to see its interior, the City gallery, the office of the Mayor, the hall for the sessions of Government as well as the press hall of the Government of Brčko District B&H.

The first scheduled date for the visitation of the City hall is scheduled on the 10th of January 2013, at 15:45 p.m. The Mayor of District Brčko will meet the visitors in front if the Art Gallery. All interested in visiting the City hall can apply via the official web site of the Government of District Brčko.


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