BH Product Dawood Glasses is wanted all over the World

Wooden glasses Dawood, which are produced by Damir Bajraktarevic from Sarajevo, found their place in collections from London to Sydney.

“People from all around the world are ordering them,” said Bajraktarevic, and added that he is planning the expansion of this brand.

“We are doing very well, but there is a need for new people if we want to get this on a new level. The Dawood brand will be expanded soon,” said Bajraktarevic.

The production of wooden glasses is great trend in the world for several years now, but what he is doing is something completely new. He started combining wood with other materials that are used in the production of glasses, including acetate and polyurethane plastics, and this is something that is really different in the market. They will start experimenting with some new materials very soon.

His idea of producing wooden glasses came from – music.

“I have been dealing with music for 20 years and I have been following the production of music instruments for the last 10 years. Therefore, I decided to make a guitar for myself and then the second and the third one… Then I fell in love with the wood and decided to deal with wood, although it was not really my profession. I was looking for a product that will be high quality and that I will be able to send to Australia or the US, without large fees for postal delivery for my customers,” said Bajraktarevic.

(Source: biznisinfo.ba)




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