BH Telecom awarded their business partners

In the period January-December 2012, BH Telecom made 147.5 million BAM of profit.

‘This financial result represents the realization of 100% of our annual plan’, said manager of BH Telecom Nedžad Rešidbegović at last night’s ceremony ‘Proud of our Business Partners’ which was held in Sarajevo, where they awarded their business partners.

The company has been influenced by markets in the past period like recession, competition, and market liberalization. In the meantime, BH Telecom Management did great efforts on consolidation and realization of the best results, especially the increase of number of users, especially via Moja TV and users of mobile services, and introduction of new technologies such as GIA capacity because of introduction of FLAT offer with 5 GB and expanding the Triple play service, which resulted in positive effects.

Concerning the issue of expanding the availability of services of BH Telecom in 2012, activities on opening Telecom Centre so that in 2012 there are five new Telecom centres.

BH Telecom Supervisory Board has adopted the decision on donations in the amount of 1.3 million BAM and the money was allocated to more than 800 partners in FBiH.

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