B&H Will Receive the First ‘Passive House’

pasivna_kucaThe Mayor of Stari Grad Sarajevo Ibrahim Hadžibajrić signed an agreement for the project ‘Our Passive House’ with the Director of the Company Promo from Donji Vakuf Kemal Čolak. This is about the building of a prefabricated house on the area of municipality Stari Grad, which the municipality will use for its needs.

Mayor Hadžibajrić noted that representatives of the municipality agreed on cooperation more than one year ago with heads of the company Promo regarding the construction of the facility. The beginning of construction is planned in about a month, and the completion of works is expected by September 2014.

He said that this is about a new technology of building facilities for residential purposes and that this kind of construction is the building of a future that is tempting because of large energy savings.

He explained that ‘Our Passive House’ will be open and will serve as an indicator of a positive side of prefabricated construction.

‘’It will serve the needs of the community, certain activities, and will probably be located at one part of the local community Kovači’’, said Hadžibajrić.

General Director of the company Promo Kemal Čolak said that the construction of this facility will be the first ‘Passive House’ in Sarajevo and in B&H and that it is a trend that follows countries in the EU.

‘’This is a new epoch in the construction of facilities in B&H, and this is certainly one moment that would mean a lot for construction in B&H’’, said Čolak. He added that the construction of prefabricated buildings would be for the benefit of producers and purchasers of construction materials and educational institutions in the construction sector.

(Source: Fena)

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