BiH Citizens Could Cross Croatian Border After 1 July with Biometric Passports

novi_pasos_bihThe BIH Ministry of Foreign Affairs has received a note from the Embassy of Croatia in Sarajevo of the abrogation of the agreement between the BiH Council of Ministers and the Croatian government on the mutual abolition of visas from 2003 since the date of accession to the EU on 1 July 2012. The visa policy of Croatia fully complies with the visa policies of the EU, announced the Press Office of the BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For BiH citizens, this means that from 1 July 2013 the travel regime for signatory countries to the Schengen Zone will be applied, the crossing of the border with biometric passports as long as EU member states do not grant further access to Croatia with ID cards, according to the BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

BiH and Croatia have started earlier joint activities to maintain and use the existing border regime to cross the border with ID cards after 1 July. This proposal is under consideration at the competent authorities of the EU and EU member states that have to give their consent, according to a statement.

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