BiH FM comments on Kosovo’s Decision to introduce 100 Percent Customs Duties on BH Products

BiH Foreign Minister Igor Crnadak stated that Kosovo’s decision to introduce 100 percent customs duties on BiH products is a completely absurd decision as a result of yesterday’s failure of Kosovo to enter Interpol.

“BiH did not deserve it because we acted principally as we have done it for years, hence we voted for membership in those organizations that have been defined by the Brussels talks in Belgrade and Pristina and others that Belgrade has agreed to. This has been the same for years, “Crnadak said in a statement for news website.

“This can be seen as a direct hostile act. When a 10 percent tax is introduced, it can have economic logic, but a 100 percent tax is the message that someone does not want to work with you,”BiH Foreign Minister emphasized.

Crnadak said that Kosovo will be faced with many consequences, but that for now, the most important thing is to hear the position of the European Union.

“I hope the EU’s position will be clear, because a verbal verdict will not be enough,” he said, adding that he will personally put this issue at the meeting of foreign ministers on 29th  November in Montenegro.

The Government of Kosovo introduced a new 100% customs duty on products from BiH and Serbia with the aim of strengthening domestic production.


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