BiH institute forbids Tangerine Imports from Turkey due to increased Pesticides

The phytosanitary inspection of Republika Srpska (RS), one of the entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), has forbidden the import of 20,400 kilograms of tangerine from Turkey on Monday due to the increased amount of pesticides found.

Based on the report on laboratory analysis issued, there was an increased presence of pesticide “Fenvalerate” found in the analyzed sample of tangerines, was stated in the phytosanitary inspection report on Tuesday.

The presence of pesticide was above the values ​​prescribed by the Ordinance on the maximum level of pesticide residues in and on food.

The exporter requested an additional analysis which was carried out in Serbia, confirming the increased presence of the pesticide.

Phytosanitary inspection in its statement warns that this is the third consignment of tangerines originating from Turkey which has been forbidden from importing due to increased pesticide content in the last two months.

The first consignment was 5,400 kilograms and the second one was 10,400 kilograms.

RS phytosanitary inspection brought the decision on return or destruction of tangerines already imported.

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