BiH to introduce Automatic Recognition of License Plates on Border Crossings

BiH should get a system for automatic reading and checking of license plates at the border crossings soon. Notice for expressing of interest was published, and the tender notice will take place in September 2017. This system will be implemented into existing border crossing applications, which are in operation since 2011.

“These activities are conducted together with the project of establishing video surveillance (IPA 2015). The Border Police of BiH submitted the necessary documentation for the implementation of the project to the European Commission in Sarajevo. The dynamics of project implementation will depend on procedures and competent bodies of the European Commission,” stated Dujkovic.

Installation of this system will make all vehicle data available to the border police when it crosses the border.

ANPR is a technology that is using mainly high-quality cameras and software that recognizes license plates, makes a licensed image, interprets the characters on it and keeps them in the database.

This system usually consists of hardware (camera) for image, recognition software and management database.

(Source: akta.ba)

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