Changes in the Regime of Public Transport to take place during the SFF

From PUC GRAS informed the public that there will be changes in the traffic regime during the Sarajevo Film Festival.

There will be a temporary suspension of traffic in Zelenih Beretki Street and Branilaca Sarajeva Street from August 11 to 18. Thus, from 5 PM to 12 AM, the bus lines for Podhrastovi, Bare, Kosevsko Brdo and Breka will change their departing point and instead of Dom Armije, they will depart from the terminal Park.

Due to the opening ceremony of the Sarajevo Film Festival, the traffic from Zmaja od Bosne Street in the direction Bascarsija – Ilidza will be temporarily suspended from 6 PM to 2.30 AM – the right traffic lane on the part of the connection with Franca Lehara Street until turning to Hotel Holiday.

Temporary changes to the traffic regime consist of a temporary suspension of traffic, not including trams and vehicles of organizers.

Members of the MIA of Canton Sarajevo will perform the traffic flow regulation on parts of the complete traffic suspension and the intersections where the traffic will be redirected to the other traffic lanes.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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