BiH Minister of Security Supports ACCOUNT

The BiH Minister of Security Fahrudin Radončić spoke with the representatives of ACCOUNT, a network of nonprofit organizations, institutions and individuals working in the fight against systematic corruption, Eldin Karić and Dženan Alađuz.

On this occasion, he expressed the full support of the Ministry of Security BiH to the activities of ACCOUNT in the fight against corruption.

Minister of Security of BiH Fahrudin Radončić and the representatives of the Anticorruption civil society networks Alađuz and Karić spoke about concrete modes of cooperation and strengthened the idea of preparation and the signing of the Protocol on cooperation and support between the BiH Ministry of Security and the networks ACOUNT.

The representatives of ACCOUNT, networks that are made up of 106 nonprofit organizations, have expressed that in BiH there are 120 recorded forms of corruption, and that the fight against systematic corruption is necessary to improve legal and joint action of the nonprofit sector and state institutions, announced from the Ministry.

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