Zenica: ”Chocolate activism’’ in Zenica

Centre for Youth Education Zenica will today, in the period from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the city’s centre, at Alija Izetbegović Square, organise a manifestation called ‘Chocolate activism’ so that the young people would have the chance to show their enthusiasm for activism, reports FENA.

‘With his manifestation we want, in peaceful and in nice manner, to show to local community and beyond, that young people do not want to be a static group, and to say that the time has come for our ideas, which will be useful to local community, to turn into action. The message we want to send with this event has the role to wake up the young people, so that they would create for themselves a better position in society and so that they would send a message that the young people are those to whom present belongs, but also a better future’, said Centre for Youth Education Zenica.

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