BiH Ministers in Oslo at Meeting on Health During the Global Economic Crisis

osloThe BiH Minister of Civil Affairs Sredoje Nović and the RS Minister of Health and Social Protection Slobodan Stanić will participate at a high-level meeting called “Health Systems During the Global Economic Crisis: Latest Situation in the Region of Europe” that will be held from 17-18 April in Oslo, Norway.

The Regional Office of the World Health Organization for Europe, with the support of the Ministry of Health of Norway, is organizing the meeting. The goal of the meeting is to discuss the impact of the current economic and financial crisis in the health systems of Europe, especially from the standpoint of universal health coverage, as well as a response to member states to the pressures for the budget during a time of crisis.

It is expected that participants at the meeting, member states of the World Health Organization will define the recommendations that would be submitted for consideration by the Regional Committee of the World Health Organization for Europe.

This meeting will be held exactly four years after the meeting of member states of the World Health Organization, that at the beginning of the world global crisis was held in Oslo, when they discussed the topic “Health During a Global Crisis: Implications for the Region of Europe of World Health Organization”.

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