BiH, Montenegro, and Albania will be connected by Railway

”Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Montenegro, and Albania should be connected by railway system soon, ” said Minister of Transport and Communications of BiH, Vojin Mitrovic.

“One of the topics at the meeting in Montenegro was the issue of connectivity of the Western Balkans countries, first of all by road, and then by railway.”

Mitrovic stressed that the goal of the Adriatic-Ionian highway is to connect the route from Italy, through Slovenia, Croatia, BiH, Montenegro, to Greece.

When asked when the project of the Adriatic-Ionian highway could move from the sphere of announcement to realization, he pointed out that talks and negotiations are taking a long time.

“It is difficult to give an answer because the talks and negotiations are taking a really long time. One of the problems is the issue of defining the route itself, which must be the subject of an interstate agreement and the issue of securing finances. At this moment, the priority is Corridor 5C, while in the second phase, the Adriatic-Ionian highway will be the priority,”Mitrovic added.

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