BiH Parliamentarians Participated in First Summit of Member States of the Union for the Mediterranean

zzi-2The Vice-Chairman of the House of Representatives and House of Peoples of BiH Denis Bećirović and Ognjen Tadić participated at the first summit of the Presidents of Parliaments of member states of the Union for the Mediterranean, which was held yesterday in Marseilles at the invitation of the President of the European Parliament Martin Šulc.

42 heads of parliament of the member states of the EU and countries in the Mediterranean expressed concern over the lack of progress in projects that were planned at the Union Summit for the Mediterranean in Paris in 2008.

They stressed the belief that member countries from both sides of the Mediterranean have to significantly step up their efforts in order to fill the expectations of people that they represent.

The central topics of discussion were related to the importance of cooperation in the framework of the Union for the Mediterranean, with the goal to find a solution in the form of projects for infrastructure, environment and energy.

Participants at the Summit listed as a priority the establishment of a Euro-Mediterranean University.

Discussing the unresolved conflicts in the Mediterranean, participants agreed that they should not be used as an excuse for delaying progress in these countries.

At the summit they invited the EU and Arab League to undertake efforts to renew the peace talks in the Middle East.

This summit represents the first meeting at a high level after the meetings of heads of state and the government of the Union for the Mediterranean held in Paris in 2008, and the first regional political summit after the “Arab Spring”.

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