BiH Weather Agency issues Yellow Alert on Rainfall

The Federal Institute for Hydrometeorology (FHMZ BiH) has issued a yellow alert for the major area of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) on rainfall and hailstorm starting Thursday, official website said Thursday.

FHMZ BiH issued a yellow alert for Thursday from 02:00 p.m. until 09:00 p.m. for the territory of northern, central and southern part of the country. The issued warning refers to the expected amount of rainfall of 10 and more liters per square meter in an hour. FHMZ also warned on the streams as a result of rainfall and hailstorm, it was stated.

BiH Civil Protection Service warned all physical and legal persons whose housing facilities have already been exposed to damages by the abundant rainfalls, to reallocate all the valuable items from basements and ground floor rooms in order to prevent the unwanted consequences of the possible floods.

On Friday, mostly cloudy weather with rain and thunderstorms is expected in major parts of BiH. Intense rainfall is expected in southern BiH.

The wind will be weak to moderate, blowing from the northeast direction.

In the capital Sarajevo, the weather on Friday will be moderate to mostly cloudy with rain and morning temperatures around 18 degrees Celsius, and a high of around 26 degrees Celsius.

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