Bihać Will Be More Beautiful With New Promenade and Three Wooden Bridges That Will Connect Three Islands

5In order to improve the aesthetic of the city center, at the end of April works began on enhancing the islands in Bihać. When this is done, this part of the city will be more beautiful and attractive to tourists. It will be a space where people would be able to enjoy themselves, those who come to Bihać for the first time and the citizens of this city.

The Director of the Institute for Physical Planning of Bihać Fuad Mujagić told “ekapija” that they have been working on leveling thousands of cubic meters of soil to regulate banks in order to build a walkway. According to him, the left side of the bank was leveled and will be at a plateau, where fairs will be organized, such as this year’s “ECOBIS”.

“Grass will also be put in place, and we expect that it will grow before the summer. Old trees have been removed, and we plan to do additional repairs in the area”, said Mujagić.

When it is decorated, the walkways will connect the old wooden access bridge to the new wooden ones, which connect the city with nearby islands. In total, three bridges will be built, which would give a special stamp to the beauty of the city of Bihać and the Una River.

(Source: ekpaija.ba)

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