Succes of a Blind Boy Mujce: He is ready for Half Marathon!

MujceThe blind young man Mustafa Mehic, also known as Mujce, together with his coach Tomislav Cvitanusic is preparing for the half marathon that will be held on the 18th of September.

His coach Tomislav Cvitanusic said that they ran last test 18 kilometers the night before, which he passed without any problems.

“Mustafa is ready, there is no doubt that he will finish the race and will be the first young man in the region who did it. He is very happy about it, and I am even happier in this whole story,” said Cvitanusic.

“We started with less kilometers and then we eventually increased. As we went further and further, there was no problems, except that we took care of better nutrition in which we got help from Muscle Freak, as well as polyclinic Al Tawil who made a detailed medical examinations for free,” said Cvitanusic.

“We are ready for the 18th of September, and we are waiting for everyone at the start to join us, those who will run with us and those who will cheer for us. We want to start some new standards and draw attention to the fact that people with disabilities can do anything, but they need to get a chance,” said Cvitanusic.

Mustafa started running in mid-April this year and he managed to achieve remarkable results in less than six months.

“At the beginning, it was hard for me to run 5 kilometers, and now I am running 15 kilometers without any problem. I cannot say that anything was difficult for me in the process, because it is something that I have decided and I wanted to,” said Mustafa, adding that he has great support from his friends and close people.

“Last night we ran 18 kilometers, it was not easy but I managed to do it without any problems, so these three additional kilometers will not be a problem. I am ready,” said Mustafa.

He revealed that he wants to get things to a higher, more professional level after this half marathon.

“I want to actively train and my goal is to perform on the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020,” said Mustafa.

Mustafa just finished the first year of the Faculty of Law. Besides running, Mustafa’s great love is hip hop, and he recently recorded a song with rapper from Tuzla, Frenki, entitled “Until the goal.”

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