Blockade of Traffic between Serbia and Croatia caused Loads on the BH Borders

BH Border Crossings Loaded rokaj.baThe situation at the border crossings and customs offices in B&H was yesterday fully normalized and under control.

The Head of Communications Department of the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) B&H Ratko Kovacevic said that there is an increased traffic, especially of freight vehicles and only at certain border crossings, due to blockade of traffic between Serbia and Croatia, but that even the increased traffic is being dealt with in the shortest possible time.

“Somehow more loaded crossings are Raca, Bosanski Samac, Bosanski Brod and Bosanska Gradiska, especially for the reason that, besides the trucks that carry cargo to B&H and out, there is also an influx of trucks that are only performing transit through B&H because they cannot pass the border between Serbia and Croatia. Given that a bank guarantee must be given by the forwarder in B&H for the transit of goods through B&H, the officials of the ITA B&H accelerated the process of discharging the bank guarantees when the goods leave B&H in order to free the guarantee as soon as possible so that the forwarders, who already have limited bank guarantees, could take a new client as soon as possible”, Kovacevic pointed out.

The Director of ITA Miro Dzakula already contacted the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of B&H Denis Zvizdic and the Director of Border Police of B&H Zoran Galic, and it was concluded that, if necessary, the ITA will ensure that certain customs offices are operational in the night shifts as well.

In case of need, Kovacevic explained, the work of the ITA in the night shift will have to be followed by relevant inspection services that conduct the goods quality control.

The decision on that will be reached in case the influx of freight vehicles to B&H increases in the coming period.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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