Bomb from World War Two destroyed in BiH

Czech police officers helped Bosnian security forces destroy over 226 kg of heavy aerial bombs from World War II in an area close to Sana River in the northwest of the country at the weekend.

Twenty Czech police officers are currently deployed in Bosnia within the framework of cooperation in the field of security between the Czech Republic and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Czech police divers have been involved in mine clearance in Bosnia since 2012.

The bomb, containing 100 kilograms of explosive, was found the same day in Sana River two meters under the ground, and removed by members of the demining sector, in cooperation with members of the Czech Ministry of Interior.

A total of seven air bombs were removed from the Sana River bed this week, and three German-produced air bombs “SD 70” were removed in 2016 and one English air bomb in 2018. Enditem


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