Book “Stecak” by Author Gorcin Dizdar presented in Sarajevo

The book “Stecak” about the unique medieval tombstones of BiH, written by author Gorcin Dizdar, was presented last night at the Museum of Literature and Theatre Arts of BiH in Sarajevo.

Author Dizdar stated that this is a work that explains some of the most important aspects of the culture of BiH in an accessible, but still scientifically argued way. He also added that he presented some of the basic information about stecak tombstones in the book, and argued the new interpretations that he made in his doctoral dissertation.

“Stecak tombstones represent the greatest artistic and cultural phenomenon in BiH and beyond, and I believe that we are still unaware of their importance and how large efforts we should invest in order to preserve them and present them to the world,” stated Dizdar.

The drawings of Enis Cisic give special charm to this book, and he said that he tried and hopefully managed to visualize everything Dizdar wrote in the book in his 20 illustrations.

“I wanted to present something different from what we have seen before and add my own vision of stecak tombstones, in order to present it to the readers,” said illustrator Cisic.

(Source:, Photo: Fena/Alma Zukanovic)



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