Border Police BiH: IOM’s support is important in the Fight against illegal Migration

Representatives of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), led by IOM Regional Program Officer Junaid Khan, visited Border Police units in Zvornik, Trebinje and the Joint Center for Police Cooperation between BiH, Montenegro and Serbia.

The aim of the visit was to exchange experiences and introduce IOM representatives to migration flows along the BiH border, where the greatest migratory pressure is, the BiH Border Police (BPBiH) announced.

Members of the Border Police units in Zvornik and Trebinje presented the current situation and measures they are taking in connection with illegal migration and informed IOM representatives about the challenges they face in performing tasks aimed at preventing illegal border crossings.

During the visit to these units, IOM representatives also visited critical points of illegal crossings.

It is stated that members of the BPBiH have deterred more than 4,900 people from trying to cross the state border illegally since the beginning of the year, and since the beginning of the migrant crisis, the greatest pressure has been on the eastern part of the state border.

BiH Border Police and IOM have been cooperating since the establishment of this police agency, and it was concluded that IOM’s support is extremely important, especially in the fight against illegal migration, given that the Border Police is struggling with a lack of material and technical resources.

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