Bosanska Gradiska: Construction of the Bridge of a Great Importance for B&H starting soon

Bosanska GradiskaThe news that the European Union, at the Summit in Vienna for infrastructural projects in B&H, approved funding for the bridge on Sava, especially delighted the citizens of Bosanska Gradiska.

They said that the construction of the bridge and the final relocation of the border crossing from the center of the city would remove the everyday traffic jams, given that this is one of the most frequent crossings in B&H and that has a status of BIP, i.e. crossing with all necessary inspection controls for the traffic of all goods.

Vladan Radonjic, who lives near the customs terminal, said that it is an impossible mission for him to drive the car, because lines of truck are parked in all surrounding streets, often at the sidewalks as well, thus he hardly can access to his backyard.

“Border crossing that is located in the center of the city is one of the great infrastructural problems of our city. It is hard to pass through street around the customs terminal, people need to scrape between trucks, which are often parked at sidewalks as well, and the biggest crowd is on weekends and during summer holidays“, said Radonjic.

Given that the construction on the bridge on Sava River was in doubt for many years, the construction of the new border crossing started few months ago, i.e. the customs terminals in the settlement Catrnja near Gradiska, whose putting into operation will relocate the existing customs terminal outside the city area.

According to the words of Ratko Kovacevic, the spokesperson of the Indirect Taxation Authority, realization of the first phase of the construction of the new border crossing is in progress and it includes the complete civil engineering, installment of hydro and electro installations and the construction of foundations and porch.

“The first phase of the construction of the border crossing, i.e. the customs terminal, should be finished in the middle of November, and will cost around 8 million BAM. After that follows the implementation of the tender procedure for the election of contractors at the construction of the second phase for which the ITA (Indirect Taxation Authority) will allocate around 15 million BAM“, said Kovacevic.


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