Bosnia allocates Two Million BAM for Reconstruction of Former Residence in Vienna

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bisera Turkovic and the Ambassador of BiH to Austria Kemal Kozaric visited the former residence owned by our country in Vienna, the reconstruction of which is planned for the next two years.

It is a beautiful building of exceptional value, located in the residential part of the 17th district of Vienna, which was built in 1868 and until 1993 served as the residence of the former Socialist Federal Republic Yugoslavia.

From 1993 to 2014, the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia was located in the building, also known as the “Terramare Castle”. The Federal Office for the Protection of Monuments of the Republic of Austria has placed the building under protection, as a building of historical, cultural and public importance.

During the visit, Minister Turkovic said that this facility is of exceptional importance for our country, whose renovation and commissioning, after the registration process in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been completed, is expected in the coming period.

Reconstruction of the facility should begin after all tests have been completed and a final report on the condition of the facility has been submitted. She pointed out the important fact that the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on July 14 this year passed a Decision approving the multi-year capital investment project – Reconstruction and equipping of the facility for diplomatic and consular missions of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Vienna, a total of 2.1 million marks.

The project, which is planned to be completed by 2022, will be financed from the funds paid on the basis of the Decision on initiating the sale of diplomatic and consular property of the former SFRY, for which no successor state of the former SFRY is interested.

Minister Turkovic said that Bosnia and Herzegovina must pay more attention to the property of our country located abroad, especially real estate located in countries around the world, where our country does not have its own diplomatic and consular missions.

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