Bosnia-Herzegovina on the Map of Tourist Destinations for Cyclists!


Accommodation, catering and tourist facilities, as well as service stations and parking lots in Bosnia and Herzegovina now have the opportunity to go through the certification process so that they can be awarded a “Bike Friendly” certificate. In this way, they become visible destinations on the applications and tourist maps used by cyclotourists when planning their trip.

“Bike Friendly Standard” is a project that promotes cycling tourism as a popular form of active tourism and provides certification to all of those tourism facilities and service providers throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro who support cycling.

The project Development of Bike Friendly Standard is funded by European Union and implemented by Association for Economic Development REDAH Mostar, as lead partner, together with two collaborators.

General goal of the project is to develop and promote regional sustainable quality control system of bike friendly facilities at Via Dinarica route to contribute to development of value-added tourism offer in the region through cycling as one best way to explore the cultural and historical heritage of a region.

Shift has designed the logo for Bike Friendly Standard, along with the complete visual identity standards.

The straightforward logo actually represents the shape of the bicycle so that it can be immediately associated with biking.

The colour palette is inspired by the regions vivid colours Adriatic blue and sunny yellow, with clear and legible typography.

The use of the ‘Bike Friendly’ standard, common in developed countries, is a great prospect for tourism development in the Western Balkans, but also an opportunity for BiH to improve its offer and attract more tourists on bicycles.



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