Bosnian Defense Minister: Republika Srpska Police will not be deployed at the Border


Regarding media or political announcements and controversy that Republika Srpska entity police will allegedly be deployed at the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it should be precise and state that such an option does not exist, Bosnian Security Minister Fahrudin Radoncic wrote on his Instagram profile.

“In situations of excess words or politicization, it is best to act institutionally. Bosnian Border Police Director Zoran Galic this morning sought a written explanation from the RS Interior Ministry and received an official response from Darko Culum, RS police director. I make public the response of Mr. Culum to Mr. Galic’s request and Galic’s subsequent act. The statement at the end of Culum’s act, as well as the last paragraph of the Galic memo, perfectly explains that both police agencies work exclusively within the law and that there is no exit at the border or entity line,” Radoncic wrote.

Members of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina have begun setting up tents for self-isolation at the Izacic border crossing near city of Bihac, Federal News Agency reports.

The specific location is close to the border crossing checkpoint, and all should be completed by the end of the day.

The reception capacity of the tents for self-isolation is up to 100 persons, who at this border crossing request entry to Bosnia and Herzegovina, given that all passengers have been issued with 14-day isolation order.

The tents for self-isolation should be ready as of tomorrow for the potential reception of individuals, while in the coming period the issue of sanitary facilities and nutrition of people who might possibly reside in this area will be addressed.


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